01/01/2012 DPBG NEW 2012 YEAR PARTY @ Rubin Plaza 1 671
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начало в 22:00
адрес: Держинского, 5 (Рубин Плаза)

Remember the days when we never had a dime
And our dreams seemed a million miles away
But we made it baby
Facin’ the bad times with a smile
Here we are and we’re growin’ stronger day by day

Cause we got love times love
It’s always there for us to share
And girl it sure feels good to know
You’re by my side
Cause we’re just two high hearts
That beat as one forever on
With love times love to keep us satisfied everynight

Let’s meet this year TOGETHER, our dear friends with DPBG DJ’s… Fedor Komkov, Egor White, Andre Zagor, Induss ALL NIGHT LONG!

30.000 — sms to +375 29 3762068;
50.000 — 01.01.12!

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